Killer Badgers - Donation Policy

- All donations go strictly towards server funding/costs and will not be used for anything else
- GBP should be the currency used. Please type your game/discord name in the note field
- Donating does not exclude you from the server rules or their punishments or grant you to any special treatment
- Once donated please create a ticket in #Supporter-Info and provide proof of payment
- Donation rewards are not instant/automatic, once you provide proof of purchase we will begin setting up your rewards
- Donations do not give Supporters an in game advantage.

- Your donation is made voluntarily, therefore, all donations are final. 
- Refunds may only be given in certain circumstances. Please contact us before creating any PayPal disputes or credit card charge-backs. We may refund a donation when given a reasonable explanation.
- PayPal disputes/charge-backs will result in a ban from the game servers until said dispute is settled.

 - Supporter features are strictly non pay-to-win perks and items and abide by the
Bohemia DayZ Monetization Policy which we are approved for.