Welcome to the Killer Badgers DayZ PvE Server!

To connect to our DayZ Server, you should use the DayZSA Launcher and search for Killer Badgers - You should then see our server and be able to join.

Server Features:

Summer Map

PvE Only! No Base Raiding!

Auto Run & No Shoe Damage


Zombie Hordes

Custom Vehicles & No vehicle damage

Custom Weapons

Custom Base Building


..and much more!

Server Rules:

Server Rules

This is a PVE server only, no killing other players!

Keep global chat English Only!

No Glitching, Exploiting, using Game Bugs, Duping, Hacking, or Stream Sniping

Using an alt account to avoid ban will result in another ban

Calling out other players base locations will result in a ban

We do not refund items due to server crashes/restarts

No stealing items from vehicles within safezones

No stealing vehicles from safezones

Admins are not here to baby sit you. If you crash your vehicle or get yourself into a difficult situation, it's your responsibility and in turn, your responsibility to repair it or get yourself out

Staff reserve the right to ban for some situations not listed in rules

Rule violations will result in action from an admin. Punishments can vary from being sent to the prison/stripped to a Warning/Kick/Ban

Base/Building Rules:

NO base raiding

NO prop climbing allowed i.e. using simple base items, storage kits, shelf kits, fridge kits, or gunwalls etc

Bases must be minimally 1000m away from traders

Bases must be minimally 750m from any military zone!

Bases inside or nearby a military zone, or on roads will be removed without notice!

No trapping players in their bases using any sort of method i.e. simple base items, base furniture items, wire mesh barriers...etc

No blocking yourself inside your base by any method..i.e. simple base items, base furniture items, wire mesh barriers...etc

Violating base rules will be deleted without warning

Griefing Base walls for supplies like nails is not allowed

Maximum of 6 gates per base

Maximum of 6 tents per base